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Добавлено Alena , 22 мая 2007 13:43
Hi there :) If you are planning to come to Tomsk, you can write in this theme (in any language but English and Russian are preferable) about yourself and your plans. Yo can try to find a host in Tomsk through this forum! Welcome!!! :) Alena (HC name pakulevs)

Добавлено jan and verena, 13 июня 2007 00:06
We (hc profiles: janbornholdt and kiwimiss) are on a trip with the transsiberian railway this summer. we also come to visit tomsk from the 20.6 till 23.6. we already found a place to stay through HC, but we have a little problem with our registration. we will stayfor 3 working days and couldntregister my visa before, because of the holiday on the 12.6 and because we mostly leave town after a day and hop back on the train!now the ownr of the flat we are staying at wont be there and now we are looking for someone who can help us out here. maybe there is someone reading this who knows a travel agency ot maybe a hotel which registers visa for some money or has any other advise or suggestions we would highly appreciate it. thank you in advance!
jan and verena

Добавлено Karolina, 1 июля 2007 17:32
visiting Tomsk in mid July
Priviet everybody,
My name is Karolina, I come from Poland, I am a student.
I am planning to be in Tomsk around 18th of July.
Can anybody host me for max,2nights?
Thanks for help.

Добавлено Alena, 1 июля 2007 18:03
Karolina [Воскресенье, 01-07-2007 17:32]
Hi, Karolina! My name's Alyona (HC pakulevs), I'm a city volunteer for Tomsk. I've just sent your message to all HC members in Tomsk and asked them to write you an answer here in this forum. So we'll see the results soon :)
Best wishes,
we might see each other here in Tomsk :)

Добавлено Karolina, 2 июля 2007 00:16
visiting Tomsk in mid July
Spasibochki balshoe Alyona!
ya zabyla skazat' shto tozhe gawarju pa russki:)

Добавлено Alena, 3 июля 2007 10:21
Karolina, what's your Hospitality Club nickname?

Добавлено Pol', 8 июля 2007 08:11
Hi, Karolina!
I'm a city volunteer from Tomsk.
I'll be glad to receive to you.
I ya toje xoroho govoryu po russki :))
King regards,

Добавлено Sandra, 24 августа 2007 00:02
accomodation 1st to 15th september
Hey, I'm Sandra from Germany and I will stay for a year in Tomsk to study. but in beginning of september there is no more place in the students dormitory and I still have my tickets. So now I'm looking for another place to stay for some days. If neseccary I can stay only one/two nights and then look for another one who can offer me accomodation. (I know, that it's a long period.... I'm speaking russian, english, french and of cource german. I'd be glad if I will soon get an answer....

Добавлено sandra, 24 августа 2007 00:11
I forgot to say that I'm from Bamberg, my profile name is maura

Добавлено sandra, 26 августа 2007 04:26
Now I found a place to stay, but thank you if you thought about helping me :-) If you would like to meet me in Tomsk: I'm there from 1st september on!

Добавлено Alena, 26 августа 2007 16:29
Hey, Maura! Welcome to Tomsk! At the moment most HC members are away on their travels, but I'm sure they'll be glad to meet you when they are back in the city (in September)/ So if you have a look at this forum from time to time, you'll probably see someone writing to you :)

Добавлено Evgeny, 29 августа 2007 13:21
I would be glad to make an excursion in Tomsk :-)

Добавлено kolo4ka, 24 октября 2007 22:43
Evgeny [Среда, 29-08-2007 13:21]

How well do you know Tomsk? Where did you study its history?

Добавлено Miroslavaswers, 20 июля 2008 15:29
Спасибо за хороший сайт
Спасибо создателям сайта! Узнала много полезной и интересной информации!

Добавлено Елена, 25 июля 2008 12:20
Да мне тоже нравится этот сайт... Постоянно сюда захожу!

Добавлено BlagodaruVas, 4 сентября 2008 01:59
Спасибо за сайт!
Благодарю уважаемую администрацию за очень интересный проект! Желаю вам успешного развития и побольше посетителей ;)

Добавлено Редакция портала, 4 сентября 2008 09:35
BlagodaruVas [4 сентября 2008 01:59]

Спасибо! Будем рады видеть вас на портале :-)

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